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1950s Copenhagen Jukebox Neon Light & 3 Disc Cd & Radio

If there's one era we wish we could travel back in time to visit, the 1950's have got to be tops on our list. There's simply no other 1950's era icon that evokes the period like the timeless neon jukebox.

It was an era that saw the birth of rock N roll and the diner. Happy Days indeed. But getting your hands on an original vintage jukebox is not only difficult, it's costly. Even reproduction jukeboxes on the market can cost well over $5000.

So we decided it was time to create a jukebox that everyone could enjoy and afford. One that could play CD's and favorite FM or AM radio stations. We started by recreating the details that made the originals so timeless. An authentic jukebox wouldn't be a jukebox without brightly colored electric blue neon glowing around a curved bent wood frame.

Then we went inside and added a Sony front loading 3-CD player for multi-disc play just like the old jukebox turntables. And of course we made sure to install a sound system that'll make you want to dance. 2 10W full range speakers and 2 tweeters provide full stereo sound.

There's also an external speaker jack for plugging in additional speakers. Includes remote control and built-in AC adapter. Dimensions: 40\" x 23\" x 12\".

It's the perfect way to bring the magic of the 50's into your home or office with this 950s Copenhagen Jukebox Neon Light & 3 Disc Cd & Radio

Brand & Model:  Copanhagen TA-433 
Item Number:  1922 
Category:  Jukebox  (View All)
Style:  Retro  
Weight:  80.00 lbs
Status:  On Back Order





1950s Copenhagen Jukebox Neon Light & 3 Disc Cd & Radio
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Retail: US $ 449.99 
Classic Buys:  US $ 429.95 
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