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How to select a Turntable System

Our timeless turntables shatter preconceived notions of creaky, dusty record players from years past. Today units are loaded with more features than grandma could ever have dreamed, while still preserving their retro chic quality.

With a turntable in your hands, you can revisit favorite memories or enjoy making new ones. Savor the vinyl leaving the decorative jacket. The needle hitting the record. The warm, melodic sound of your favorite artist.

Music mavens will marvel at our turntables that also feature goodies like CD recorders, cassette decks, radios, USB ports and auxiliary inputs and outputs. But with so many options, how do you choose? Our easy buying guide will help you select the turntable based on your requirements:


Entertainment Centers: Play all formats of your new and old musical collection with one of these multi-function turntables. Music aficionados will appreciate the versatility of listening to the CD player, AM/FM radio and cassette player included in some of the systems, along with their vinyl.

CD Recorders: Let out a sigh of relief. The problem of preserving your vinyl is finally solved with our CD recorders that are as easy to use as simply touching a button. Some of our in-demand recorders also play CDs, AM/FM radio and cassettes, offering several options for listening to your favorite songs hour after hour. Reviving the best of your personal music collection has never been easier.

Record Changers: 1950's technology is back! Crosley's record changers allow records to be stacked six at a time, then automatically dropped onto the platter for a steady stream of music. Our 3-speed Stack-O-Matic technology allows you to play all of your favorite recordings, regardless of the speed.

Additional Functions:

USB capabilities: USB ports allow you to connect your unit to a computer. You can save your vinyl and/or cassettes as digital files that you can save and edit with music software. Just hook up your Windows-equipped PC or Mac to the turntable’s USB port and save your collection on your computer. Using the software, you can even clean up vinyl’s snaps and pops, alter pitch, and create multi-track recordings.

PAR (portable audio ready): Some turntables also feature an auxiliary input that makes it easy to hook up your iPod or other MP3 player for easy listening on your turntable.

Construction & Style:

Wood Turntables: These units fit perfectly on a desk or table and are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors. Nostalgic touches range from airplane-style radio dials to authentic cloth grill covers. Crafted of solid hardwoods and veneers using a seven-step finishing process, most units are offered in your choice of Crosley’s signature finishes. Whether you opt for oak, cherry, paprika or another, all are carefully hand applied for the perfect polish.

Portable Turntables: A portable turntable that looks like a retro suitcase from travel’s glamour days. The vinyl-wrapped units, available in brown, tweed and black, offer the rare luxury to simply snap the lid closed, grab the handle, and go. Easily unhinge the top portion to keep the turntable perched on your desk or table for longtime listening.

Plastic/Deco Turntables: These plastic tabletop turntables’ distinctive grill and streamlined styling mimic classic 1950’s automobiles and earned them the name “AutoRama.” The days of drive-ins and diners are back with these nostalgic models that bring back memories of simpler times. Available in black, red and brushed chrome, they make a statement in any room.

Consoles: Significantly taller than their tabletop brothers, these standup wooden units are a throwback to the 1930's when radio reigned supreme. Consoles make excellent showpieces and require no table or stand. Enjoy your vinyl on this renowned design that families gathered around during the Golden Age of Radio.


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